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Company profile

Company profile

YINGLI MACHINERY focus on spay pumping technology. We mostly engaged in various of building machine design, produce, sale and service. We introduce advanced German spray painting pump technology,and keep continues to develop with innovation. Up to now we had been the famous manufacturer of China in spray pumping field. And Passed ISO9001 certification. Our mostly products include concrete shotcrete pump,mixer and conveyor; cement mortar plastering machine and mixer; high pressure grouting machine; high pressure airless sprayer etc. Our business had reach to Hongkong, Southea...


Our service advantage

SHIPMENT (1) We will prepare your goods after we receive your deposit, before shipment pay balance. (2) According the customers needing, we can send the goods by sea, airway and Express by ourselves. When the customers have the confirmed forwarder, we can contact your forwarder. A Shipping Here our company had established steady cooperation with some biggest shipping company, just like MAERSK SEALAND, MSC, EVERGREEN, CMA, COSCO, CSCL, et...



Contact: Bob.S

Phone: 13533772103

Tel: 020-87039336

Email: [email protected]

Add: No.4, Beiping, Kemulang, Tianhe, Guangzhou, Zip 510520 PRC.

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